Payroll processing is not just about numbers

Today, it has become much more complicated to be in charge of payroll in a company. This is partly due to changes in legislation and the ever-evolving digital platform. At the same time, there are more collective labour agreements that benefit the employee. However, they can also present challenges for the payroll administrator. That's why payroll is no longer just about numbers.

For many industries that keep the wheels of society turning, the administrative side of payroll processing has grown. It has grown so much that it can seem overwhelming and like a hassle. That's why many companies decide to let the systems take over and hire someone to do the payroll. Today, it doesn't just require a person who knows how to talk. They also need to have competences in areas such as free choice account, pension, tax, miscellaneous reporting, reimbursements, holiday pay, collective labour agreements and much more. All this knowledge can be difficult for one person to keep track of. This is especially true if your organisation has several different types of employees.

So who's in charge of payroll?

However, the company that hires someone or outsources their payroll administration cannot abdicate all responsibility. It is still the company that is ultimately responsible for the correctness of the payroll. But that's why outsourcing payroll to an external payroll agency, where the employees are experts in the field, is the best way to safeguard yourself in most areas.

Many companies that manually keep track of payroll in a spreadsheet could save a lot of time and money by getting a system that handles payroll automatically.

Trust is key

Getting someone else to do your company's payroll can be difficult and sensitive, and it requires a high level of trust between the company and the payroll agency. At Danish Payroll Service you get a personal payroll consultant who you can always contact and who will keep track of your company and employees. We prioritise a high level of personal service and hope that you will feel comfortable letting us handle your payroll.

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